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7 Beginner Photo Manipulation Mistakes (and How to Fix them) in Photoshop!

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Through my photo manipulation journey, I have come across many mistakes. I learned it hard way through self-experiments and it took time to figure out the right thing.
 So if you have just started with photo manipulation I thought it might be helpful to you to share them with you and how to fix them.

although this is for only beginners and if you are intermediate or an expert please feel free to let me know in the comments if you have come across any other mistakes that I didn't mention on this page.

Here Are Our 7 Photo Manipulation Mistakes in Photoshop And Know To Fix Them

Beginner Photo Editing/Manipulation Mistakes In Photoshop
Beginner Photo Editing/Manipulation Mistakes In Photoshop 

1. Not Using High-Quality Stock Images

Our first mistake will be not using High-Quality sock images since all photo manipulations start with stock images.
Let's go over a couple of mistakes in choosing them. It's so easy to grab an image from google and slap it onto your photo composition but please do not use low-quality images as it will ruin the quality of your finished artwork. Also, you may into other troubles like copyright issues and whatnot so always get licensed high-quality images moreover that keep you feature proof and you will also be able to commercialize your artworks and sell them.

If You are not ready to get paid stocks you can absolutely resort to these awesome free websites that give you high-quality stock images. A couple of themes would be -

2. Not Using Correct Stock Images 

The next mistake is not using Correct stock images what I mean by this is if you select stock images matching your final composition things can be a whole lot easier at a letter point.

Like in this composition I did it for a photoshop battle I used rail tracks light direction matching my final composition.

So now imagine if I took a different image and how long it would have taken me to correct the fine details like removing the highlights at the wrong areas and then repainting them in the correct places.

For this, I spent a  good amount of time searching for perfect stocks before starting the actual photo manipulation. It has happened much time for a 7h-8h of manipulation I have spent some extra 3h-4h  finding the correct stock Images.

3. Starting Early with The Color Grading 

If You are an absolute beginner I would suggest you place all the stock images before you start color grading.
What happens is our eyes miss issues with the placement or clipping and masking as it gets distracted by the color grading and the final result will look unpolished. and make containers.

So it's always wise to cut and place the elements, make the alignment correct and then start color grading on the individual objects.

4. Not Getting the fundamentals Right 

Take small steps to try to create a simple composition with maybe just a subject and a background and then try to color match everything. Get the alignment and perspective right. Create correct highlights and shadows. Trying to create complex compositions early without getting the basics right, might ingrain mistakes and they can get carried along in the feature.

5. Not Paying Attention to Shadows 

We all Love doing highlights and making everything glow but shadows are absolutely equally important along with the highlights and compositions will not look good at all without them.

Be sure to add the shadows as well as paint the awesome highlights.

6. Over Using And Miss Using The Effects 

The next mistake overusing and misusing effects. As a beginner, we often get carried away with using effects like depth blur, Sharpening, and so on for depth blur, it won't even apply if you are creating a wide-angle shot. Technically it occurs due to a shallow depth field of a lens for portraits or macro shots instead you can try creating depth in a scene using the atmospheric haze. 

7. Sticking Only To Photo Manipulation 

If you create Photo manipulation, Now this may sound paradoxical but photo manipulation is a form of art and i see a lot of videos on other forms of art. So learning concepts from various places relly help to learn and understand the subject holicstaclly to give it a try and you will see the diference it makes.

So that will be all for today and if you have come accross any other mistakes fell free to add them in the comments below .

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